Hello, my name is Carl L. Burke

The Admin Here At: Burke-Dot.Com

I know that most people really don’t care nor interested in Who the Author is or What brought them here. Most are more interested in what they have to offer and can you help them.


Well for the small percentage of people out there this is for you.

I got my first computer sometime in 1986 it was an Emerson; I believe it had a 20 Megabyte Hard drive with a DOS operating system, I guess you can call me a DOS Baby. This is when I would say that I fell in love with the technology, the possibilities were endless.

My first experience with an online service was with Prodigy, one of the first online services that I knew about any way, then came CompuServe and AOL, they all offered News, Games, Advertisements and even shopping online and more. I would have to say it was the start of the great media market place.

In the early 1990’s I started a BBS, using Wildcat Software, the BBS was called Abingdon BBS, where I provided mail handling, file service and online chat. The service was short-lived, I found myself jumping on the internet band wagon.

This when and where I built my first Website, it was a free site that offered antique and classic motorcycle pictures, and the start of my education in site design and html. The internet from that time forward had become a very resourceful tool.


All photos on this site were taken by Carl L. Burke and property of Burke Dot Com. Any inquiries of photos will forwarded to Admin.

My Back Ground:

I have worked in the manufacturing field for 25 years, in the positions of Tool and Die Maker, Supervision and Manufacturing Engineering Technician. Computers have played a role in all my careers, from programming CNC Equipment, Computer Drafting and Inventory Control to name a few.


Let’s not forget EMAIL. paperboy